About the Product

Wayside monitoring is a technology of ViSenSys GmbH. Our technology enables an optimized resource planning and fast assignment in case of train pollution.

For this we use "machine learning" - a form of artificial intelligence.

 By using "machine learning" - a form of artificial intelligence - we can automatically evaluate video images.  Cameras on signal gantries detect passing trains at neuralgic points in the route network and then identify the vehicle by its UIC number.

The camera images are evaluated in such a way that the position and extent of the damage are detected fully automatically.



Our services using wayside monitoring

Automatic graffiti detection

Automatic dirt detection

The detection distinguishes between different dirt levels and detects them automatically

Our offers at a glance


The employee is relieved and dirt and graffiti are detected faster


Existing systems are used and extended by our software and hardware.

Data Protection

No Personal Data is stored.

Customer satisfaction

Through wayside monitoring we accelerate the detection of dirt, graffiti and vandalism. Trains stay clean and customer satisfaction increases.

Certified System

Certified according to VDV 457 and EN 50155

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