Corporate Challenge Pitch "Manufacturing Image Processing" - November 2020

As part of the digital ruhrSUMMIT on October 27, 2020 in Bochum, we participated in the Corporate Challenge Pitch "Manufacturing Image Processing" by Siemens Energy.

What is the Corporate Challenge Pitch?

At the Corporate Challenge Pitch, companies formulate challenges and to expand them with digital & technological components.

Start-ups in turn have the chance to present themselves and generate projects and partnerships.

The goal is to realize an application that analyzes a video image stream of an existing camera next to cutting inserts of a horizontal lathe.


The problem is:

  • That with the manual documentation of the cutting insert change, the accuracy suffers.
  • The definition of the chip shape as a manual process
  • The documentation of the actual chip shapes of the process

We are happy to report that we won the Corporate Challenge Pitch "Manufacturing Image Processing" by Siemens among "many" applicants and won a prototype in the context of image processing in the manufacturing industry with Siemens!

We are very proud of our upcoming cooperation and the possibility to support Siemens in their daily business!