Automatic graffiti, dirt and vandalism detection

With the help of "machine vision", we facilitate processes for which humans should actually be used for observation. Together with Deutsche Bahn, our technology for video-based graffiti recognition is used "in passing".

For humans, watching security cameras is a strenuous process. It requires a lot of concentration and can only be done optimally for a limited period of time. By using "machine learning" - a form of artificial intelligence - ViSenSys can automatically evaluate video images. Cameras at signal bridges detect ICE's passing by neuralgic points in the route network and identify the vehicle via the UIC numbers. The camera images are evaluated in such a way that the position and extent of graffiti, dirt and vandalism on the trains are detected fully automatically. 

With the help of "Wayside Monitoring" we enable a prompt removal of the graffiti. Thereby we facilitate the cleaning.

For clean trains and satisfied customers!

Detection with artificial intelligence

Our offers at a glance


Faster detection of dirt and vandalism relieves the strain on people


Existing systems are used and extended by our software and hardware.

Data Protection

No Personal Data is stored

All-In-One Solution

Our offer is a complete solution including software and hardware.

Customer satisfaction

Rapid detection of dirt, graffiti and vandalism keeps trains clean and increases customer satisfaction.

Certified System

Certified according to VDV 457 and EN 50155

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