Automatische Fahrgastzählung (AFZ) für den ÖPNV

Automatische Fahrgastzählung durch Kamerasysteme

Another service we offer is automatic passenger counting for trains, buses and metro.Thereby the existing camera system used in trains to count passengers. An AI is used to detect whether someone is getting on or off the train, using only metadata. The software never displays the real image from the camera to Privacy of the customers.

The output is a graphical reconstruction of the recorded images. The customer can then be shown the train load in real time. 

You can find our pilot project with the Deutsche Bahn here:

Display options : Train and platform

Display option: mobile devices, apps, website

Information on the capacity of individual compartments or the entire vehicle can be made available to passengers on mobile devices or on the website.


  •  Efficient planning of personnel and vehicle deployment
  •  Crowding in a train compartment can be prevented by the display 
  •  Cost advantage, as no additional sensors are required
  •  Capacity can be measured and analysed around the clock

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