AI-based image processing for more automation of applications in public transport. Our systems can relieve your employees as a complete solution and can be easily integrated into existing systems. 

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Relief of your employees

For humans, observing is an exhausting process. Our system as a complete solution relieves your employees

Data Protection

Our system never stores personal data! and the user is shown a completely distorted image in the software.

Coordinated System

Our system is independent, energy efficient and space saving


We can use your existing camera systems, or implement new systems.

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Pilot project: Automatic passenger counting (APC) for DB Regio

Modernization of Euregiobahn railcars

True to the motto "Make new from old". DB Regio has completely modernized the old RB20 Euregiobahn railcars both inside and out. 

As part of the modernization, the modern video system of ViSenSys GmbH was installed.


frequently asked questions

Our most important customers are DB Regio, Düsseldorf Airport, E.ON and thyssenkrupp AG. For everything else you can also have a look at our references or contact us directly

It is very difficult to determine the cost of our product in general. It depends mainly on the type and scope of the project. For a cost estimate, please contact us directly.